Celebrating the Harley-Davidson rider.

Posted in photography by Yousef Alshaikh on 18/05/2010

Back in November 5th 2009 I was lucky to follow The Dhahran HOG Chapter around on their “Ya Marhaba 2010” trip, and now that I’ve figured out how this slideshow thing works I’ve decided to post a few portraits I took that day; this series is a celebration of the Harley-Davidson “rider” not the ride itself, so sorry no HOG photos! 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks a lot to Nasser Hamadnah for introducing me to this amazing band of Harley-Davidson owners. Up to that point I had no idea how well organized and how really *nice* these guys were; rough looking HOG owners playing beach volleyball wasn’t exactly the image I had in mind, but it turns out that Saudi Harley-Davidson owners are fun loving people who just happen to drive big scary road beasts ( if I had one of these beauties I wouldn’t ride it, I’d just tinker with it everyday)! Thanks are also due to every single member of the band and photographers present for being so cool and for making this trip a fun and safe one for everyone involved.  Thanks are also due to Ghadah Alkandari for introducing me to the slideshow feature, and foremost, for being such an inspirational person. For higher resolution images check out my original Behance post. You can also check out Nasser Hamadnah’s photos of this trip here.


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  1. ghadahalkandari said, on 18/05/2010 at 1:14 pm

    these are absolutely breathtaking. cool cool cool! i love some of the ones with the very smooth metallic helmets. very futuristic like a lot of your work. applause.

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