With blazing eyes and vision continuous. (+color management issues)

Posted in mixed-media by Yousef Alshaikh on 18/05/2010

Hi guys! This is a piece I created a long time ago and never really got to finish. As I was playing around with it today, I was faced with a problem of color management, a problem I get a lot when I’m doing digital painting. I use a 15.6″ Asus G50 for most of my work, and it seems to have a *decent*enough screen most of the time. I also use my laptop in combination with one of two screen devices: an HP 19″ LCD, or a Wacom Cintiq 21UX (which my good friend Naif Al-Mohaya lent me). In addition, I also look at my work on my friends’ macbook pros.

The result: every single time I look at one of my pieces or try to work on it it looks a little bit different. Mostly the contrast and saturation are quite different (similar to above image). Currently, heres how I rate the screens I use from best to worst:

  1. Macbook Pro 17″ : blacks are exactly the way I want them / colors are very nicely saturated.
  2. Hp 19″ screen : blacks are dark / colors are saturated.
  3. Assus G50 laptop : blacks are slightly washed / colors are slightly under-saturated.
  4. Wacom Cintiq 21US pen display : contrast is too high / dark / colors are  over-saturated.

I’ve mucked about with ICC profiles, screen settings, and screen calibration tools, and I’v also started to save my work in browser-friendly formats, and along the way I have begun to wonder what exactly is the point of creating or storing anything digitally as you have absolutely *no* control over what your work looks like on someone else’s screen. I feel like I’m missing out on something HUGE here. All I know is that my next machine will be  a mac as my work looks much more vivid and punchy on one of those puppies! 😀


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