Degradation of Information.

Posted in mixed-media by Yousef Alshaikh on 21/08/2010

The following slides were made by continuously degrading the pixel information in one of my pieces by constantly [printing-scanning-enlarging-printing-photographing-enlarging] the piece, resulting in gradual data-loss and the creation of new visual artifacts. This process was repeated till nothing was discernible but a jumble of lines and colors.  At the bottom you can see the original piece, followed by the three first degradations of that piece, followed by the final frame, after many degradations, which results in a frame reduced roughly to less than one pixel of the original image. P.s. the text was added post-degradation!

The original piece. "With blazing eyes and vision continuous."

1st degradation of image.

2nd degradation of image.

3rd degradation of image. Notice small red box that donates the final degradation frame.

Final image after numerous degradations. (click for high res)

Don't you agree?


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  1. Soraya said, on 21/08/2010 at 1:30 pm

    This is out of this world 😀 I love the consistency despite the fact that they’re not identical + love how this makes me wanna keep reading, which challenges some of the basic rules of typography- clarity and legibility- not there! which is why I love it even more.

    Hats off to you! 😀

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