The Macro Eye and The Electron. | A Tribute to Technology.

Posted in 3d modeling, mixed-media, PERSONAL WORKS by Yousef Alshaikh on 21/01/2011


A montage of a printed circuit board and a pyramid shaped CPU made out of reworked Google Earth imagery and a simple 3d scene.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. — Arthur C. Clarke.

Google Earth and all derivative are © 2011 Google Inc.


The Unbirth of Gaia. | a dedication to Ahmad Al Ghamdi.

Posted in 3d modeling, mixed-media by Yousef Alshaikh on 30/12/2010

A dedication to Ahmad Al Ghamdi, one of the  greatest men I’ve never met.

Process images.

3d modeling | old and new.

Posted in 3d modeling by Yousef Alshaikh on 22/10/2010

When I started creating stuff, can’t remember when exactly but I know I was creating levels for Wolfenstein 3D before I even had facial hair (I had facial hair at a VERY young age), I had two main interests, well actually three: They were literature, mapping for games, and 3d modeling. Also, programming, and reading, and doodling, and breaking stuff—counting was never a strong point for me though—anyways, I regress. 3d modeling (namely using 3ds max) was truly one of the most entertaining things I tinkered with. Somehow, I feel I should be experimenting more with 3d modeling again.

The following is some old stuff followed by some more recent stuff. Smile!