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Posted in mixed-media by Yousef Alshaikh on 28/08/2010

Opiate 102.

Opiate 101. ـ"أهم شيء في العالم كلو إنو الواحد يخاف ويرتعب مرررره و يموت خوف, ولا ترا إلي ما يخاف منكم يا ويلو." ــ منقول عن البُعْبُعْ المكار ــ

Face test.

حسبَكَ المصيرُ بيديكَ يا منْ تَغشُنا في العيشِ, لستَ أنتَ منْ يصيبنا فأنَ نعيشُ أو نموتُ. ـ

Distilled to The Essence.

Animated GIF test. (wait for it to load)


I Feel Slightly Rehabilitated | KFUPM 2010.

Posted in photography by Yousef Alshaikh on 27/08/2010

Now that I’ve graduated after spending 5+ years at KFUPM studying architecture with some great guys, I finally feel slightly rehabilitated!

Ali Ehsan, Slightly Rehabilitated.

Yousef Alshaikh, Slightly Rehabilitated.

Ala'a Malkawi, Slightly Rehabilitated.

Abdullah Bushnag, Slightly Rehabilitated.



I Shall Be Fierce and Remorseless | a tribute.

Posted in photography by Yousef Alshaikh on 23/08/2010

I really miss my ex-kitten Chopin which was kidnapped from in front of our house. It’s been a very long while now, and I’ve been thinking about him lately. This is a series I did a while back in tribute to to the cutest cat ever. Wherever you are Chopin I hope you’re safe and happy! 😀

Degradation of Information.

Posted in mixed-media by Yousef Alshaikh on 21/08/2010

The following slides were made by continuously degrading the pixel information in one of my pieces by constantly [printing-scanning-enlarging-printing-photographing-enlarging] the piece, resulting in gradual data-loss and the creation of new visual artifacts. This process was repeated till nothing was discernible but a jumble of lines and colors.  At the bottom you can see the original piece, followed by the three first degradations of that piece, followed by the final frame, after many degradations, which results in a frame reduced roughly to less than one pixel of the original image. P.s. the text was added post-degradation!

The original piece. "With blazing eyes and vision continuous."

1st degradation of image.

2nd degradation of image.

3rd degradation of image. Notice small red box that donates the final degradation frame.

Final image after numerous degradations. (click for high res)

Don't you agree?

رمضان كريم | Ramadan Kareem!

Posted in mixed-media by Yousef Alshaikh on 10/08/2010

كل عام و أنتم بألف صحة و سلامة

Anti-Rationale | النفس اللوامة.

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Qumra | a corporate profile done in collaboration with Soraya Darwish.

Posted in mixed-media, PERSONAL WORKS by Yousef Alshaikh on 03/08/2010

I was lucky enough to collaborate with the inspirational Soraya Darwish on a super fun project for a client . Qumra (a production/post-production house and talent agency) approached us about two months ago to design for them a corporate profile with a “cheeky” identity. Qumra, which was founded by Reem Al Habib and Abdulhakeem Hakeem, is an international album of talented artists that includes directors, VFX and CGI artists, animators, and many others, all combining their creative flair to create truly unique products and services with a local twist. The following are a few pages from the corporate profile we made for them.

The following material is strictly “© 2010 Qumra” and is published with permission.

The Shanabato Project | collaborating with my sisters!

Posted in mixed-media, PERSONAL WORKS by Yousef Alshaikh on 29/07/2010

These are the characters we did for a short project I’m working on with my super inspirational sisters, Sameera and Zaina! Thanks a lot to the great Alia Rabghy for getting my sister into model making with her hot Cubes collection. More info about this project when it’s done! 8)

Model Making: Samira Alshaikh
Stage Setup: Zaina Alshaikh
Photography: Yousef Alshaikh